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1.   Factories Act – 1948 :

Factory Registration, Approval of the factory plans and machinery lay-out, Renewal of Licence, Annual and half-yearly returns, the compliance of the visit remarks of the Factory Inspector, etc.


2.  Employees Provident Fund Act :

Registering an establishment / factory under the Employees' Provident Fund Act and obtaining the Code Number, maintaining various records and registers, submission of monthly and yearly returns in time, settling the claims of employees, attend P.F. Inspector for inspection of records, appearing  before  the  concerned authorities on behalf of the Employer in 7 - A Proceedings under Provident Fund Act.


3.   Employees State Insurance Act :

Registration and obtaining Code Number, employees insurance numbers, employer’s and employees contribution, submission of returns, maintaining various records and registers, attending to the inspection of records by the Insurance Inspector and appearing before the concerned authorities on behalf of the employer if a dispute arises.


4.  Minimum Wages Act :

Informing the employers about the changes in the minimum wages as declared by the Govt. of Maharashtra from time to time and advising the management about the implementation of various statutory obligations under this Act, compliance with the visit remarks of the Govt. Labour Officer, etc.


5.  Bonus Act – 1965 :

Keeping the employer abreast with the amendments, if any to the Act and advising and guiding the employer in maintaining records in A, B, C registers as required under this Act.  


6.  Disciplinary Procedures :

Framing   of   show-cause notices, charge-sheets, suspension  orders, conducting domestic enquiries, etc.  as per the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946.      


7.  Labour Contracts :

Advising the Employers of the compliances under Contract Labour Act & procedures, drafting of contracts, etc. as laid under the Contract Labour (Regulations & Abolition) Act.


8.  Shops & Establishment Act, 1948:

Shops and  Establishment  Registration, renewal of Licences, the compliance of the visit of the Shop Inspector etc.



Besides the above, we give guidance to the Employers on the  other    statutory  requirements  related  to  Gratuity  Act,  Employment Exchange Act, Maharashtra Labour Welfare Act, House Rent Act and on other sundry matters.

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